Blessing CEO discusses the benefits of BBL: “Nyansh sells, my own came with favor and blessings.”

Blessing Okoro, better known by her stage name Blessing CEO, is a relationship guru from Nigeria.

She has changed her mind about liposuction and revealed all of its benefits.

She discussed how the process has brought about new opportunities, blessings, and favors during an interview with Nedu.

Blessing CEO also brought attention to the hypocrisy in Nigeria, where a lot of people secretly like liposuction in spite of the unfavorable reviews it gets.

In her words…

“I am not going to lie, yansh sells. Forget the noise; they like it.

You know we are hypocrites in this part of the world. I didn’t want to do the liposuction because I had invested my money in a lot of projects I was doing. But after I did it, doors opened. The lipo came with favour and blessings. I hadn’t even healed when I started receiving blessings”.


See few comments below,

Bancoleh “Which door is she talking about? Open door policy

Obichi Minno “If it is not paying them, more girls won’t join despite the risks involved”.

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