Yul Edochie bemoans the way Nollywood filmmakers downplay themselves in their productions.

Renowned Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has voiced his worries about Nollywood creators being undervalued because of specific movie plots.

The actor has expressed his wish for filmmakers to abstain from making movies that feature Nigerians in awkward foreign travel scenarios via his Instagram account.

Edochie has underlined how these films damage Nigerians’ reputation, emphasizing that a white director would never make a film that denigrates their own people in Africa.

In contrast, Nollywood tends to use its cinematic plots to denigrate its own people, while Western filmmakers frequently use their works to present themselves as superheroes.

In his words

“I wish our producers will stop making films where Nigerians travel abroad, dey mumu. We sell ourselves short with such storylines.

“Oyibo people will never make a movie where a white man is foolish on African soil. Instead they’ll make the white man smarter than all the Africans in the movie.

“It’s intentional. They use movies to sell themselves as superheroes, while we use ours to run ourselves down.

“Let’s make movies where a Nigerian goes abroad and becomes the focal point for Oyibo people.

“He or she always walks with shoulders high, with so much pride and dignity. Always on Nigerian wears. And teaches Oyibo people beautiful things they never knew about us. Offers traditional solutions to problems and becomes a leader over there.

“Let’s sell ourselves as superheroes as well.”

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