Blessing CEO under criticism for dedicating a single candle night in memory of the late Junior Pope

Online, controversial therapist Blessing CEO is accused of attempting to gain influence from the actor’s passing by hosting a solitary candlelight evening in memory of the late Junior Pope.

You may remember that Junior Pope, the well-known actor, died after a terrible boating accident in which he and his crew perished.

Blessing CEO posted condolences for the actress on her Instagram page, expressing how much the event had affected and saddened her.

She said that although the tragedy was preventable, it is better to draw lessons from it rather than place blame since the damage has already been done.

In addition, Blessing CEO posted a video of herself wearing all black and holding a candle on a night when she was grieving for the star.

She penned:

This one pain me .

This could have been avoided.

Let’s leave blames and pick the lessons.

Pls in the quest for our daily bread let us also remember to take care of ourself . Learn to say NO .

RIP 🪦”



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ewamide_worlds said: “Clouth chaser she don start”

precioussunday39 said: “Mother of content creator I greet you ma 🙌🙌”

sirkings07 said: “Our first class cloutina, Anything for the gram. As long as it’s not a family member we must clap follow you. Well done”

mr_ghen_ghen said: “If you are truly mourning him. You won’t set camera and do this nonsense on the second day. Not even up to 24hours”

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