“Bobrisky will be confronted by a culture shock when he enters Ikoyi Prison” – Inibehe Effiong stated

Human rights attorney Inibehe Effiong asserts that it is expected that controversial transgender person and social media personality Idris Okuneye, also known online as Bobrisky, will face challenges inside bars.

Effiong claims that Bobrisky is not a freedom fighter and is incapable of enduring harsh and agonizing circumstances while confined.

Effiong’s opinion was formed after Bobrisky was given a six-month prison sentence by a Lagos court for manipulating the Naira, the currency of Nigeria.

The six-month sentence was handed by Justice Abimbola Awogboro without the possibility of a fine.

Since his detention last week, the controversial singer has been under the care of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, or EFCC.

But the human rights attorney worries that Bobrisky would have a culture shock when entering Ikoyi Prison after the court sentences him.

After a few days, Effiong said in a post on his X account, he would start to get used to his new environment.

In his words…

Bobrisky will have a difficult experience in the Custodial Centre (prison) because he is not a freedom fighter and does not seem to me like someone that can stay in a restricted environment under harsh and excruciating conditions.

“The main key to surviving imprisonment is mental strength and courage.

The prison wall only breaks those who are not driven by strong convictions.

“For a freedom fighter, it is a training ground. No true activist goes to prison and comes out weaker. They always come out stronger and bolder. History shows this clearly. Any activist who is broken by imprisonment is a pretender.

If you are all about the ‘soft life’, and you are the fragile type and incapable of enduring physical discomfiture, you should avoid imprisonment.

Some of us came out stronger after our imprisonment because we have always been mentally prepared for it and due to our strong ideological disposition.

“Bobrisky will be confronted by a culture shock when he enters Ikoyi Prison and realizes that it is a different world from what he knows.

“After a few days, he will begin to adjust to his new world.”

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