Bobrisky’s male reproductive organs are still intact—NCOS reveals

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) has lately exposed the falsehoods spread by popular crossdresser Bobrisky on his supposed gender change.

Last week, it was announced that Bobrisky had been sentenced and transported to a correctional facility, where he was expected to spend the next six months.

The NCoS had earlier stated that Bobrisky would be housed in the male section of the prison, citing his self-identification as male during court hearings as a deciding factor.

Despite concerns about Bobrisky’s safety owing to his gender identification, authorities informed the public that appropriate steps would be taken to safeguard him from potential danger and abuse.

Officials have recently revealed that after a comprehensive investigation, there was no evidence to corroborate Bobrisky’s allegations of gender reassignment surgery.

His male biological traits remained constant, contradicting his claims of having acquired female genitalia.

This revelation clearly exposes Bobrisky’s fabrications, as he earlier claimed that he had undergone surgery to acquire female genitalia and advised Nigerians to address him as a woman.

Prior to his alleged gender change, Bobrisky claimed to have had breast enlargement surgery and publicly displayed photographs of his bosoms.

Furthermore, Bobrisky had angrily denied inquiries about his gender, advising people to avoid focusing on his genitalia and insisting that being a woman goes beyond basic biological traits.

He expressed displeasure with recurrent questions about whether he had had genital surgery, admitting that such scrutiny had once bothered him but claiming to have developed a resistance to such criticism.

In defiance, he declared his dedication to his truth and encouraged skeptics to accept it or, in his direct terms, “suck it.”

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