Carter Efe’s girlfriend talks about her response when others call him ugly.

The well-known comedian Carter Efe’s girlfriend, Nuella, has shared her feelings about remarks made against her partner’s appearance.

Nuella discussed her thoughts and the effect that comments like this have had on their relationship in an interview.

Nuella started off by angrily disputing any assertions that Carter Efe lacks beauty and expressing her profound hurt whenever she hears remarks along these lines.

She vehemently defended Carter Efe’s appearance, highlighting both her joy in being his partner and his indisputable good looks.

The public scrutiny of their relationship and Nuella’s personal troubles with it were discussed in detail throughout the conversation.

She acknowledged that she gets nervous and apprehensive when she sees Carter Efe getting dressed up for events because she worries that other women will be attracted to his good looks and charisma, endangering their relationship.

See netizens reactions here…

iamnasboi wrote: “Lol you’ve actually not seen Carter in person. Very sweet black boy”

omalichawa__ asked: “No be the Carter we dey see so? Abi it’s another Carter she is talking about”

haroldwonder reacted: “He don use spit cover her eyes 🥲”

healthertainer stated: “She didn’t lie. When not in his craze character, he is cute. Let’s not lie na”

softgirlajebo added: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, no be for my eyes Abeg 😂😂”

b_unique claimed: “He’s a fine man actually, especially when he smiles. She loves him and that’s all that matters 👏❤️”

cecilia__remi advised: “See just have money guys 😂 If he was a random broke guy on the mainland it’ll be a different talk”

girlajebo added: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,


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