The legendary Liz Benson graces the set of Mercy Johnson, Mike Godson, and others, making them feel ecstatic.

The most recent social media craze immortalizes the thrilling moment the legendary actress Liz Benson graced the set of an exciting film shoot.

Movie stars like Mercy Johnson, Mike Godson, and a host of gifted performers excitedly awaited the entrance of the industry giant in a room that pulsed with excitement and star power.

There was an aura of impending Liz Benson arrival, and rumors of her arrival were circulating.

All of a sudden, the door opened and Liz Benson, dazzling and brilliant, stepped out into the rapt attention of her coworkers.

When Liz Benson arrived, her other performers gave her a deep sign of respect, and the scene broke into a display of awe and reverence.

Mike Godson and others prostrated themselves before the legendary actress while Mercy Johnson and another actress made a heartfelt expression of homage by kneeling before her.

“See as everybody dey shake. Aunty Liz dey for our set and we no know how to behave. Such an honour to have mama Liz Benson on set with us. I can’t stop giggling,” the video caption read.

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