Chizzy Francis, a BBNaija star, expresses concern about the opulent lifestyles of colleagues.

Chizzy Francis, a reality TV personality, has expressed worries about some of his fellow celebs’ extravagant lifestyles on the X platform.

Chizzy Francis made a comment that has generated a lot of conjecture about how his colleagues could be able to pay for their extravagant expenses, which include expensive cars that cost millions of Naira.

Chizzy Francis expressed skepticism about some of his classmates’ seeming lack of endorsement deals in comparison to their expensive spending patterns.

“Not even one endorsement deal, yet you still splash on cars worth millions of Naira,” he lamented.

The reality TV star continued after that. He continued by speculating that some of his peers might be involved in questionable practices in order to finance their lavish lifestyles.

Francis alluded to possible irregularities without specifying the nature of these activities, suggesting that they might be turning to dubious means in order to preserve their appearance of wealth.

Furthermore, Francis voiced worry about how such behavior would affect society, highlighting the burden it puts on honest workers trying to make a life.

“Not even one endorsement deal, yet you still splashes car that worth millions of naira.


Mounting pressure on those that put in hard work to earn a living. I cover my as with the blood of Jesus”

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