Tacha becomes agitated when someone labels her and Korra Obidi as the most stupid celebs.

Famous dancer Korra Obidi and reality TV personality Natacha Akide, also referred to as Tacha, were called “most foolish” on social media, which caused a social media uproar.

The event, which transpired on Twitter (now X), has sparked a heated discussion among online users.

A Twitter user going by the handle @FemiFemo posted a video of Korra Obidi and provocatively likened her to Tacha in terms of her level of stupidity. This sparked the dispute.

The widely shared tweet provoked an immediate response from Tacha, who angrily denied any similarities.

See post and Tasha’s response below;


See Netizens Reactions…


@anna2366331534 said; “I don’t know what you did to this people oooo 🙄🙄”

@Symply_Tacha wrote; “I stole their kidney🤣”

@wizclaz28590 said; “This guys loves trolling you….waiting happen gangan

@Symply_Tacha replied; “No it’s because his mother is not half of the woman I am!! so e dey pain am“

@anas_alero said; “At this point you are free to insult their fore fathers and helpers join sef,only parents is not enough. They are all silly bitter jobless engagement farming clowns.”

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