Cynthia Morgan reveals that Olamide gave her N1 million.

Madrina, also known as Cynthia Morgan, recently disclosed how Olamide, a Nigerian music boss, kindly gave her a N1 million gift.

Madrina discussed an eye-opening Olamide event on her Instagram story.

She claims that a few months ago, the YBNL boss gave her a million naira.

She considered posting about this kind deed on social media, but a friend advised her against it, saying the donation was too little to draw attention.

Cynthia used a personal anecdote about her hurtful experience borrowing a million naira from her own family to highlight the profound impact of Olamide’s kind financial contribution.

She underlined that Olamide gave his gift with extraordinary humility, which moved her to tears and made her want to thank him personally.

Cynthia Morgan stated in her writing:


Told someone olamide sent me a million naira some months ago and the guy said I shouldn’ t put it out there because the money is tOo small. Had to stop talking to that guy cause I No understand,(although,it was never my intention to put it out here) but that statement almost made me post it immediately.

“1million naira wey my own tribes man loan me insult me join. Abeg o 0lamide thank you”

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