Daniel Regha shares his thoughts on the new song “Men are crazy” by Simi and Tiwa Savage.

Social commentator Daniel Regha has reacted to the latest single by Simi and Tiwa Savage, “Men Are Crazy.”

Daniel referred to the song as disrespectful to men and impolite.

Daniel wrote:

Simi is happily married, while Tiwa Savage has a young son, but both came together to belittle men in the name of a music collab. Their recent song “Men Are Crazy” is beyond disrespectful & Tiwa referencing “Men are scum” in her verse is insensitive. After all these years this is the best they can collab on? Disgracefu!.


See some reactions to his tweet:


@enenchesdaughter remarked; It’s important to remember that music, like any form of art, is often a reflection of personal experiences and emotions. You may find the lyrics of “Men Are Crazy” and Tiwa Savage’s reference to “Men are scum” disrespectful or insensitive, others may interpret them differently or see them as a commentary on societal issues. It’s crucial to approach music with an open mind and respect different perspectives and interpretations. No offense”.


@springbok said: Songs are often based on opinions, thoughts and experiences. The song may not resonate with your reasoning but calling it disrespectful is tantamount to calling the song inspiration disrespectful. It is okay to not enjoy the song but that doesn’t make it bad.


@osebify wrote: If na man talk say women are sçūm, all those hypocrite feminist no go let person hear word.

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