Chidi Dike says, “I wasn’t getting roles but when I met Ruth Kadiri everything changed.”

Rising star Chidi Dike has talked about how Ruth Kadiri impacted his life and how he went about becoming a sought-after person in the film industry.

Chidi said in an interview with the Punch that he had trouble getting jobs from film producers at first, which made entering the acting industry challenging.

He said that when he first started working in the field, he thought he was talented but had never had the chance to show it until he met actress and movie producer Ruth Kadiri.

He continued by saying that the Nollywood industry will gain from veteran actors developing younger talent and producing fresh casting groups of actors from different generations.

Joining the movie industry was quite challenging. At first, I did not get many acting roles, because I did not know many people in the industry, but I believed I was talented. However, things changed when I met actress Ruth Kadiri”.

“I think the industry will be a better place if producers and directors take more time to discover new talents because there are a lot out there”.

“The old faces in the industry are already established. They should intentionally bring up younger ones, and build the next generation of artists. The industry will grow even bigger if they can invest in younger people,” he said.

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