“Davido is my helper don’t insult him” – Portable calls out Dammy Krane


On social media, Nigerian musician Habeeb Okikiola, better known by his stage name Portable, has warned Dammy Krane sternly about allegedly using their collaboration song as a means of disparaging Davido.

Dammy Krane reportedly rekindled his rivalry with Davido, accusing the Afrobeat musician of using his fortune to conceal his alleged wrongdoings and even hinting at his possible role in his late friend Tagbo’s tragic death.

The video that was featured in the article featured Dammy Krane playing his song “Number 1” in the backdrop.

It seems that Portable did not take well to this move.

Portable publically chastised the singer on his Instagram page in response to Dammy Krane’s behavior.

He advised Dammy Krane not to include Davido in their dispute by using their joint song as a pawn in it.

Portable stated that Davido has been a big assistance to him and that he thinks Davido would be there for him in the future.

Dammy Krane’s financial situation was further criticized by Portable, who claimed that the singer does not have payment for their joint venture and lives in a small Lekki flat.

In his words;


Hello ladīes and gentlemen, e no go spoil for you my people. E get one video wey I see online wey Dammy Krane dey insult Davido, nothing concern me if you and Davido dey fight. Why be say anything you wan insult Davido you go dey play music wey me and you do under? Shey we sing the song to insult Davido? Davido was once my helper and he’s my helper and e go still help me. You want to cause fight? If you’re fighting with Davido that’s different.


“You called me for featuring, did you pay me? You didn’t pay me. When I asked you, you said until Davido pays you before you pay me, and you know I am not alright. I packed my boys come, no be korope one-room you dey for Lekki? You no get money nau, na only table water, you give us food? No be me bring producer.


“Make you follow my boys wey I sign you say you no dey follow people as per superstar no dey follow people for Instagram, how your helper go take follow you? Now you dey fight your helper. Una go dey with people, before you know una go fight and start ranting, must you rant? Your guy dey make am, why can’t you make it? Come! Don’t use me! Don’t cause problems between me and Davido. Why you go dey use song wey me and you do dey insult Davido? You were playing the song underneath, you want to gain my fans? Make my fans go dey fight Davido? If you people are fighting that’s different o, me and Davido no fight!”.


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