Uche Elendu poses the question, “Is it better to train children in Nigeria or abroad?


Well-known Nollywood actress Uche Elendu has sparked an intense discussion on social media over the best places to raise kids.

She asked her fans an interesting question on Instagram, asking, “Is it better to train children in Nigeria or in the United States of America?”

Her followers quickly responded to the question, displaying a variety of viewpoints on the subject.


See some netizens Reactions below…

IJ Taint said; “Coming from a mother who is training her kids abroad, my dear, Nigeria is better in their formative stage.”

Sophie Edwards said; “Training kids abroad is not the best. They feel entitled. However, I always give glory to Almighty God.”

CallMeChisi said; “Anywhere that it works for you, train them, dear. Teach them what they should know at home before they go out. Sometimes it’s not about the society, but how they were raised at home.”

Vicks Vico wrote; “Give birth to them in America and train them in Nigeria before taking them back to America once they get older.”

IamHope said; “It is much better to train children in Nigeria.”

pressingforwardproductions said; “Both ways but know the right time to make the decision ,early stage USA ,secondary school stage Nigeria ,bsc Nigeria ,masters and above united States.”

callmeadaezelovina said; “Nigeria 🇳🇬 oo I don already come back with mine.”

evbusogieooo said; “NIGERIA, abroad first secure citizenship them come with them to Nigeria for at least 3 years.

daraseffect said; “Lemme use pidgin fess…. If dem just born for the abroad, you can easily groom them with your parenting style and adjust with the system over there!

If you don already born dem here and they’re already following up with your parenting style and moving along with you, you can move over there.

📌But if dem never dey adjust to all your parenting style here, meaning everything never dey settle wela, omooorr naija to the rescue o, cos this Gen alpha’s dey fire questions🤣🤣.

I’ve got four, we having meeting days Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. As I’m parenting, dem must make am easy🙏🏼. I kent shout.”


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