Destiny Etiko’s touching video of her hair-shaving scene from the viral film evoked powerful feelings among viewers.

A powerful throwback sequence full of real emotion from Nigerian screen sensation Destiny Etiko recently enthralled her admirers with an emotive demonstration of her acting talent and served as a heartbreaking reminder of her unwavering dedication to her industry.

Destiny Etiko recently released a scene from her part in the classic movie “Private Part” on TikTok.

It was an intense moment where she perfectly captured the essence of a bereaved widow.

The actress was caught in a heartbreaking moment, crying as the family of her late spouse brutally shaved her hair in accordance with custom.

The fact that Destiny went to such extremes for authenticity—sacrificing her own hair to guarantee the plausibility of the emotional portrayal—was what really made this moment captivating.



After posting the video and asking her fans if she could still look beautiful while crying, Destiny sparked an incredibly moving outpouring of responses.


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