DJ Cuppy creates a stir on the internet by praising her father for training her as a “Modern-Day Man.”

DJ Cuppy, a well-known Nigerian radio jockey and the billionaire Femi Otedola’s daughter, recently expressed gratitude for her father’s parenting approach, sparking a social media tempest.

DJ Cuppy complimented her father for parenting her in a way she compared to that of a “Modern-Day Man” in a tweet that was posted on Twitter today X.

The tweet, which attracted a lot of attention, said;

Shoutout to @realFemiOtedola for raising me to be a modern day man even though I’m his daughter 🧠.”

While she did not go into detail about her childhood, DJ Cuppy acknowledged that her father, Femi Otedola, had given her an education in what she considered to be characteristics of males.

However, a lot of people have expressed perplexity and concern about DJ Cuppy’s statement on social media, sparking a surge of criticism and debate.


See Netizens Reactions…

HIBILLIONEAR stated: “Raised you to be a man? Who is a man? I am hoping this isn’t why you have been having challenges with your relationships. I wish you all the best in all ramifications of life.”

MindOffNobody wrote: “Nawa o. How will men survive now that Cuppy will be dragging babes with us?”

realmarki_ opined: “So because husband no dey you come dey call yourself man? You need deliverance.”

sookietalkss penned: “I thought it’s your mother who did most of the raising. Well na who get the money them go recognise 😂.”

Nellye190 said: “Hope is not what I am thinking 🤔 you a man? How? Abi you don join brotherhood you come leave us for sisterhood, don’t joke with us. For the fact that your relationships didn’t work out doesn’t make you think the other side.”

Miss_terabyte noted: “I am proud of all the girls who were raised to be “modern day men.” It is a lot, really.”



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