Solomon Buchi makes fun of Justin Dean for complaining over his daughter twerking.

Solomon Buchi, a relationship advisor, chastises American chiropractor Justin Dean when he complains about his 4-year-old daughter twerking like Korra Obidi.

This happened after the physician posted on Facebook about how painful it was to watch his daughter dance in a suggestive way, much like his ex-wife.

A mocking comment from Solomon Buchi, who laughed at Justin’s narrow-minded choice to marry Korra in the first place, was among the waves of responses that followed his worry.

Buchi, characterizing Korra as a villain, contended that males frequently choose women out of self-interest who will negatively affect their offspring.

In his words,

Why did you marry a woman who twerks 24/7? Sometimes, you men marry just to explore and be adventurous; you don’t consider that your wife will also be the mother of your kids. Now, your eyes have cleared. God help you.”

He further questioned Justin Dean, “You wanna marry a baddie, but you don’t want a baddie daughter? My brother, baddie begets baddie. When choosing a wife, remember that you’re also choosing the mother of your children, and if you can’t handle the reality of having daughters like your wife, she’s the wrong one. Baddie can only beget baddie.”

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