Drama as James Brown apprehends his female neighbour who assaulted him

Online footage shows well-known transvestite James Brown apprehending his neighbor after they are beaten.

Recall that a few days prior, the socialite used social media to denounce and expose a neighbor who had abused him.

He had bragged about the wounds he claimed the neighbor had given him, and he and the sister had gotten into an argument when he chose to support the neighbor.

James Brown summoned some police officers to arrest the neighbor, according to a recent update.

A video that went viral on the internet captures the lady being led by the men into a police vehicle while James Brown got into his own.


Check out reactions that followed…

sasha_itota commented: “They didnt even let her wear something decent, if no be money and corruption, why police go dey answer crossdresser for Nigeria, see the way his dressed as a female, behaving like a female in the presence of police men”

iamstepee remarked: “James brown Dey arrest person for this country na waaa oooh”

aydot240 said: “Person wey dem suppose arrest….dey arrest person….lol”

luchis_cakes_ wrote: “Internet no even know when person no Dey in the mood to laugh”

kennypaul4life commented: “Nigerian lawyers and police never rest since the beginning of this year case plenty”

thefoodnetworknig2 penned: “Who dem suppose arrest between the two both of them? Ehn NPF?”

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