Never permit your partners to have male best friends. – Nedu cautions men


Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, better known as Nedu, is a Nigerian comedian and on-air personality.

He has stated that a man isn’t a “real man” if he permits his girlfriend to have a male “bestie.”

One of The Honest Bunch Podcast’s hosts claimed that a true man wouldn’t put up with such.

Men should not put up with their girlfriends or wives having male acquaintances, he cautioned.

Nedu stated the following in a video message that he posted on Instagram.

He said;

“If you’re a real man never in your life allow your woman whether it’s your girlfriend, fiancée or wife have a male bestie. Don’t allow it. I know what I’m saying. A real man would not allow that.

“Secondly, never fight your fellow man because of a woman. Real men don’t do that. Even if you catch your partner cheating with another man, you don’t have any business with the man. It’s your woman who disrespected you in the first place. So, therefore, never fight another man because of a woman.

“Thirdly, don’t chase after a woman who doesn’t like you. Don’t do that. It’s a waste of your time and resources.

“Fourthly, real men don’t spend money on women who doesn’t add value to their lives. By value, it doesn’t necessarily need to be financial. It can be psychological, spiritual, emotional or otherwise.

Watch video here;


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seun_dreams remarked: “Allowing your wife too many female friends sef is even an issue 🤷🏾”

iam.prestige_ said: “If you be real woman, never in your life allow your man to get female besties. 😒⚠️”

kelvin_kertz penned: “Nedu is speaking most especially from his experience, don’t think you’re too special that it won’t happen to you.”

obongofcalabar penned: “This message is for men, but the people having contrary and downplaying comments are women. It only proves that he’s right.”

westmount_consulting commented: “Your Husband should be your male Bestie and your wife your female Bestie

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