Drama as kidnappers refuse to liberate a businesswoman even after receiving the stipulated ransom of N5 million

Ogun State entrepreneur Risikat Oladokun’s captors are allegedly still holding her captive despite a sizable N5 million ransom payment.

The terrifying ordeal started on March 12, 2024, when Mrs. Oladokun was kidnapped by armed attackers as she was leaving her job in Awa Ijebu, Ijebu North Local Government Area.

Mathew Oladokun, the spouse of Mrs. Oladokun, expressed profound distress about the inability of law authorities to get his wife’s release, despite his compliance with the demands of the kidnappers.

He claims that the kidnappers have not stopped requesting larger payments and have not given him any guarantees about his wife’s safety or allowed him to speak with her.

Mr. Oladokun recounted the horrific event and described the heinous attack, saying that they were ambushed as they arrived at their home by a group of about five gunmen.

The attackers took control of him and their kids before seizing Mrs. Oladokun and running away.

The kidnappers took the family’s phones, money, and ATM cards in addition to their hostage, then used those funds for illegal withdrawals from their bank accounts.

Even though Mr. Oladokun reported the kidnapping to the police right away, he voiced disappointment over what he believes to be a lack of significant response from law enforcement.

In his words…

The abductors have collected more than N5million from us as ransom to secure the release of my wife who was abducted over a month ago and they are still demanding for more money.”

“The abductors have refused to let us speak with her since she was abducted. We don’t know her current status, they are just asking us for more money”

“We were just driving into our compound, when the gunmen struck, they were about five in number, and they attacked me first. Two of them with guns later locked me and our children in the house and took my wife away.

“They took both our phones, some cash and our ATM cards. They withdrew all the monies in our bank accounts and they have been calling the family for ransom

“Initially when they contacted us, they demanded for N15million, but we told them we don’t have such amount. We sent N1.2 million at first, later we sent N2.2 million and we have sent more, but they kept demanding more money and have refused to release her.”

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