A 22-year-old boy was apprehended in Edo State with a rifle and POS machine while traveling from Lagos to Anambra.

The Edo State Police Command has detained a 22-year-old teenager named Francis Okoye Obinna after discovering that he was in possession of a revolver and a Point of Sale (POS) device.

The Police command performed a normal stop and search operation that resulted in the arrest.

The Edo State Police Command said in a statement that Francis Okoye Obinna was arrested on April 7th while he was going from Lagos to Anambra.

Law enforcement officers allegedly found a Brownie pistol with breach number PZ1833, nine rounds of 6mm ammo, and a POS machine in his possession during the stop and search.

Francis Okoye Obinna allegedly admitted to the police in his first statement that he received the gun from a person in Lagos by the name of Emma.

He stated that Emma gave him the gun so he could go up against a man named Paul Okoye, whom he charged with murdering his father in Anambra State using sorcerous means.

Police agents traveled to Lagos in response to the seriousness of the charge in order to confirm Obinna’s assertions.

But the results of their investigations were inconsistent, raising questions about the veracity of the suspect’s account.

Investigations are still underway, according to the Edo State Police Command, to find out why Francis Okoye Obinna has the rifle and the POS machine and what his plans are for using them.

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