Enioluwa finally responds to the rumored gay tape leak [VIDEO]



Enioluwa Adeoluwa, a well-known influencer in Nigeria, has now made an official comment on the purportedly leaked tape that shows him with another man.

Remember when on the evening of March 25, a video featuring a man who appeared to be Enioluwa and another man engaging in passionate gay sex went viral?

In order to refute the rumors that Nigerians were circulating and assert possession of the bedroom video, the clone had to appear the next morning.

Enioluwa, who had previously been mute, discussed the significance of creating a safe and healthy environment on social media for all users in a recent video.

He asserts that remarks made online have the power to permanently alter someone’s life, either in a good or bad way.

The Lip gloss man took to his X account to express his gratitude to his friends and family for their support and affection throughout this contentious time.

He said, among other things:

“There’s no denying that social media has been integrated in our daily lives, it is therefore important that we encourage a safer social media…”

“Friends. Family. Loved Ones. Grateful for Everyone. E se.”

Watch him speak in the video here…

Reacting to post:

ifys.kitchen: “Yes o. #SaferSocialMedia. Not all those people that will be running their mouths about the whole place and trolling others with so much arro.gance and fooli.shness. Stop hurting me with your words.”

DrDaBomb_: “Even if it was you, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a free world. Live your life Enioluwa.”

SeniorManJoe: “We are sorry bro, I joined them oo, but I realised it wasn’t you. Very Sorry Eni Worldwide . This is me tendering public apology.”

paneo_kidscloset: “I agree to a safer social Media we all can be better including my self ooo.”

dollarposh: Enioluwa – God’s person, omo ti won fi nsure fun omo! He who God has blessed, no one can unbless. You are loved… megaly! Keep being you ❤️

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