“The men of Abuja and Lagos are gay,” Blessing CEO cautions women.


The controversial relationship coach and expert Blessing CEO has warned women in Lagos and Abuja about the sexuality of males.

Blessing Okoro, who is well-known for her candid remarks and relationship counsel, has said that a sizable portion of the guys in these cities identify as homosexual.

Blessing Okoro asserted, in a speech to a group of women at a seminar, that a large number of males in Lagos and Abuja are involved in gay partnerships, with some taking on the dominant “top” role and others adopting the submissive “bottom” posture.

She advised ladies to proceed with care, especially if their lovers unexpectedly become wealthy, as this could be a sign that their partners are involved in gay activities.

This most recent disclosure was made only a few weeks after Blessing Okoro, in February 2024, strongly cautioned men.

She said at the time that “romance without finance is annoyance” and encouraged men who were not stable financially to avoid pursuing romantic connections with women.

In addition, she  made the contentious notion that men were primarily made to serve the needs of women, which infuriated a lot of Nigerian men.

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