Etinosa Idemudia cries out “How I was told to be more like Adesua, and where it landed me.”

Actress Etinosa Idemudia of Nollywood has shared some advise regarding accepting criticism and making comparisons, particularly when one’s career is just starting off.

The actress emphasized the need to exercise caution when listening to others’ counsel and instead emphasizes listening to one’s own voice.

During an appearance on Arise TV, Etinosa Idemudia revealed the information.

She related how she was advised to adopt a more “serious” demeanor and emulate actress Adesua Etomi, rather than mimicking her “razz, Benin” accent.

This is what she said about the trip she took, the lesson she eventually learned, and the impact that counsel had on her.

In her words…

See, my people, in life, just listen to your spirit. Too many advice can cause problems for you in life. When I was getting a lot of attention in Nollywood, some filmmakers were telling me things like ‘why are you doing comedy?’, ‘why are you doing skits?’, ‘you look like Adesua, be doing roles like Adesua. You need to be packaged, you need to behave well.’ That time, I was doing that my Benin accent, and they were like why are you doing razz things? You’re too fine to do comedy. Then they mentioned some female comedy people that it fits them, but me, I need to start doing photoshoot and packaging, that I should not ‘mumu’ myself.


So that caused a lot of confusion and conflict in my head back then, trying to figure out should I package and speak English? Or should I keep on doing my razz accent? So I stopped for a while. I said I was not going to do skits again. I’m just going to be doing serious Nollywood. I would even have some of my colleagues at that time who I’d want to put in my skits that would tell me ‘no, I want to be a serious actor. I’m not doing skit. I don’t want any producer to think I’m not serious in life.’


But look at 2024, look at those same people. All those ones that adviced me against it are now doing skits. Hypocrisy! So when you’re growing, don’t listen to any person o! Just follow your God given destiny and pray to God for your own ideas. Now, I’m doing my skits, I’m doing my serious films, and I’m doing everything I want to do. I’m telling my stories my own way with no distractions.”

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