Reactions to May Edochie’s latest dance video: “Go back to your husband for the sake of your kids.”

May Edochie, a well-known Nigerian brand influencer and the estranged wife of Nollywood actor and filmmaker Yul Edochie, has gave her admirers a peek into her happy life.

Even though she and her husband Yul are still having problems in their marriage, May Edochie decided to cheer herself and her followers up by posting a special TikTok video that featured her amazing dancing skills.

The mother of three was beaming with happiness as she moved to the infectious beats of Kizz Daniel’s song “Anchovy,” which highlights living life to the fullest and aiming for financial success.



It should come as no surprise that May Edochie’s dance video caused a stir in her comment section.

One of them, a worried admirer, sincerely begged her to make amends with her husband for the benefit of their kids.

Many more, on the other hand, expressed love for May’s lively and attractive attitude as they swooned and gushed over her contagious happiness and captivating energy portrayed in her dance.




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