Etinosa Idemudia: Having an abortion is far better than living a life of suffering

The Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia has advocated for people to think about having an abortion because there are so many poor, defenseless children in the world.

She asked on social media whether it is not preferable for a woman to end a pregnancy rather than give birth to a child who will endure a great deal of agony.

Etinosa Idemudia questioned why it is so widely accepted that pregnancy termination is wrong, particularly in light of the fact that many people lack the self-control to use condoms.

She said that it should be illegal for a destitute family to have children, and that if she were the child, she would never be able to forgive them.

She wrote;


With all the hungry Innocent children who are suffering all around, are we still against abortion? Isn’t abortion better than life long suffering? They never asked to be born into all this hardship. If your own future is not sure why bring an innocent person to life.


“You are not discipline enough to use condom so in your selfishness you get your wife pregnant with the 5th child no house no tangible source of income. Bringing that child into the world should be a crime. If I’m that child I’ll never forgive you.


“You will now hear things like “oh my sweet mother suffered for me. The hustle is for Mama. Her sacrifices made me who I am today. She went hungry so I can eat”… I don’t understand. She no see say food no dey before she born you? She is responsible for you! fam! they owe you!!”

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