“Women who commit paternity fraud should be jailed” – Actor Rotimi Salami

Actor Rotimi Salami of Nollywood has stepped up his calls for paternity fraud to be treated as seriously as rape in Nigeria.

Rotimi Salami vehemently encouraged the federal government to enact laws that would hold paternity fraudsters accountable on his Instagram page, highlighting the severe mental agony that these acts cause to their victims.

Salami drew comparisons in his passionate essay between the pain encountered by rape survivors and the devastation suffered by people who find out they had been misled about the paternity of their child.

He explained that the deep betrayal and mental anguish experienced by men when they discover they have been unintentionally parenting the kid of another man calls for legislative action comparable to the seriousness of rape accusations.

In his words…


Paternity fraud should be criminalized just like rape. The experience when raped is the same a man goes through when he finds out he’s been raising another man’s child. Damn!


“Rape is a major offence. Paternity fraud should also be. None of these 2 should be encouraged. Men’s mental health too matters.”

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