“How God dealt with billionaires who questioned me about their tithe.” – Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has described an experience with several billionaires from his congregation who had questions about the administration of their tithes.

In a widely circulated video, Pastor Adeboye described an occasion in which these wealthy members approached him, requesting a comprehensive report of how their tithes were being used by the church.

Pastor Adeboye was initially hesitant because he believed such examination violated biblical precepts, but he eventually surrendered, anticipating supernatural intervention in answer to the billionaire challenge.

Over the next two years, the persons in question experienced a number of setbacks, including contract terminations and financial downturns.

Recognizing the link between their deeds and their tragedies, the billionaires admitted that their investigation into tithing practices had resulted in divine disfavor.

Despite Pastor Adeboye’s desire to display God’s grace and his aversion to dissension, individuals who questioned the hallowed practice of tithing eventually left the church and faced a drop in income, losing their status as billionaires.

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Gideon George wrote: “The business of attracting 10% of everyone’s monthly income is real and it should be approached with parsuative strategies”

Wilfred said: “I don’t think this message can be delivered to a white congregation. The sermon is best suited for Nigerian audience.”

KK Richard wrote: Another “Wale Adenuga production. lol 😂”

Eniola Daniel said: “It is well… My local church, Anglican will gives financial report and everyone knows. So, why shy away from this??”

MrRouvafe said: “Seeking accountability equals pride and attracts punishment from God. We learn everyday.”

Suleiman Tajudeen said: “With all due respect, this is pure tales by moonlight! No one gets punished asking for proper accountability.”

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