Phyna criticizes Apostle Lazarus for claiming that women without fatherly affection are’sexually loose’.

Reality TV actress Josephina Otabor, often known as Phyna, has resorted to social media to respond to a recent comment made by Apostle Femi Lazarus, the Lead Pastor of the Sphere of Light Church.

In a sermon, Apostle Lazarus indicated that women who lack fatherly affection in their lives are more likely to engage in sexual promiscuity.

However, Phyna refuted this claim, using her own life as proof.

In an internet video of Lazarus’ speech, he stated, “When a girl has not seen a father’s affection, she becomes sexually loose.”

Phyna criticized this broad characterization, citing her background without a father figure and stating that she did not display such behavior.

Phyna took to Twitter to express her disapproval, writing: “Well bcuz I can make the mistake of generalizing things now I know better. Some of us that didn’t have a fatherly figure in all our existence, I will talk about me, I grew up well and was never loose sexually. Now I say sorry for the time I generalized my opinion.

However, a social media user expressed concerns, citing Phyna’s past admission of having an abortion.

In defense, Phyna stated that she was 19 years old at the time of the abortion and was reaching the end of her national youth service program.

“At least I was almost done serving Nigeria as kopa then around 19 to 20…,” Phyna added.

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