“I declined buying maternity clothing” — Rihanna discusses her wardrobe decisions while expecting

Singer and entrepreneur Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known by her stage name Rihanna, discusses her pregnancy-related wardrobe selections.

The singer said in an interview with BBC News that she just wouldn’t buy maternity clothes, which are common among expectant mothers.

She said that in order to express her sense of style, she dresses however she pleases.

The fashion designer, who is expecting her third child with American rapper A$AP Rocky, said she loves adjusting her wardrobe for the occasion.

She was well-known for flaunting her pregnancy bump through her clothes.

Her two years of pregnancy with her two sons encouraged her to take a unique approach to her wardrobe.

She enjoyed the chance to develop her own style during the course of her two years pregnant.

She drew attention to the fact that she handled her pregnancy in a unique way by choosing to handle it herself.

She said:

I approached it like everything else I approach with fashion, I just want to do things my way, I just want to switch it up and put my own twist on it, But I just refused to buy maternity clothes…whatever fits is what’s going to work and that made me challenge myself to get clever with style

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