Adanma Luke. Producer of the film that murdered Junior Pope and others at last expresses grief over their passing

A few days after the terrible catastrophe, Adanma Luke, the producer of the ill-fated film that claimed the lives of several actors and crew members, has finally expressed her grief.

When their boat overturned, Jnr. Pope and several others perished.

She  said in her moving statement that writing the awful text had torn her heart and left her sad.

She continued by saying that she was unable to express her agony.

She listed and discussed a few of the people she lost in her piece.

She declared that she has been holding out hope for a reversal of time.

Luke commented that her heart hurt for their families, whose suffering is indescribable.

Recall that the producer reported the unfortunate event to the police by turning herself in.

Adanma’s article about the deceased has triggered reactions.

Below are a few of the remarks. “My own is the wife. That woman may never recover from this. She and Jnr Pope were very close.”

@pretty_gonny: “This is not about this lady all this I feel sorry for her why are you feeling sorry for her ? Na she kpai ? You will leave d innocent families and be feeling sorry for someone that is athome eating 3 times a day.”

@menadoras: “Why not support their families atleast.”

@hes__black: “The movie won’t be continued.”

@brbsextoysnigeria: “It is well!!!”

@perfumesbyfrt: “This is eternity guilt for her ,I pray she finds peace at the end.”

@monal_ia: “The sound guy was such a happy soul.”

@furniturebymaydams: “You are broken , yet you ain’t doing anything for their family members, help them especially that sound guy mother that is blind , then we will know you are really mourning them.”

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