“I didn’t have money when I met my wife Chioma.” Performer Davido divulges


The story of how David Adeleke, also referred to as Davido, met Chioma Adeleke is revealed.

In a recent interview, Davido revealed that he was friends with Chioma before to his rise to fame.

He claimed that it was important that he met Chioma at that particular moment because he would not have been able to consider marriage at that point since he was scared that women would only be attracted to him because of his income or status.

Davido mentioned how happy he was to have a small group of friends who knew him before he became well-known and wealthy.

In his words…


“I have a friend, anytime I am on the phone with my wife, he would say he has everything in the world, but a wife is what he is missing.

“I met my wife before I had money, but I was telling myself if I didn’t meet her before then and now I am single, and I meet a girl, it wouldn’t be the same. I would feel the lady is talking to me because I am Davido and I have money.

“My own success is when I see people around who were there when I had nothing and they see me now, that’s the feeling, not like when you blow up and start hanging out with a new set of people. You need to keep the people that were there with you since grinding”.

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