“I support him; he’s an angel.” Lizzy Anjorin concurs with Verydarkman


Popular Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin used social media to express her unwavering support for Verydarkman in the wake of his recent imprisonment.

The actress made it clear that she was determined to stand by him in the face of criticism and allegations leveled against him.

Lizzy Anjorin vowed to support Verydarkman “through thick and thin,” calling him a “angel.”

She cautioned the public not to jump to conclusions, pointing out his positive impact on social issues and his contributions to many organizations.

Lizzy Anjorin maintained that Eventhough Verydarkman’s opinions were controversial or “exaggerated,” they did not support his imprisonment.

She advised people to keep in mind his past deeds as well as his accomplishments and attempts to combat social problems.

Fans and followers have responded to the actress’s public declaration of support in a variety of ways; some have expressed surprise, while others have disagreed.

While some commend Anjorin for her commitment and belief in Verydarkman’s moral character, others question her assessment and draw attention to the seriousness of the allegations made against him.

The incarceration of Verydarkman has generated a great deal of curiosity and mistrust, as details regarding the incident remain unclear.

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