“In practically every extended family in Igbo land, there is envy and beef.” — Yul Edochie


Diligent Actor Yul Edochie of Nollywood has spoken out on social media about the conflict and jealousy that afflict most Igbo extended families.

On his Instagram page, the gospel preacher bemoaned the hostility amongst relatives, which they blamed on what their parents had told them.

He noted that the majority of these debates have long-standing roots that are oftentimes overlooked.

Even with the rivalry and jealousy present in almost every extended family in Igbo country, they continue to attend Sunday services.

His words: “Many families, cousins are bearing malice against each other, cos of something their parents told them that the other parents did to them donkey years back. Some can’t even remember the reason for the quarrel. There’s beef and envy in almost every extended family in Igbo land. Yet, every Sunday they’re in Church. Makes no sense.”


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