Authorities have apprehended Luis Rubiales, the former president of the Spanish FA.


Former RFEF President Luis Rubiales was detained by Spanish police for interrogation after arriving back in Spain.

Remember that in late August of last year, Rubiales made headlines when he was caught kissing Spanish female football player Jenni Hermoso during their celebration of winning the championship.

But this time, Football Espana writes, his interrogation is a component of “Operation Brody,” an inquiry into purported wrongdoing in the Spanish Football Federation.

Rubiales has insisted on the legality of his business dealings and the provenance of his assets, vehemently rejecting any involvement in corrupt acts during his tenure as CEO.

He had been conducting business in the Dominican Republic in the meantime, but he had to return to Spain after authorities raided his home there.

The Spanish anti-corruption agency boarded his jet to question him as soon as he landed at the airport.

Later, a police van was observed waiting for Rubiales on the runway as he left the airport.

This event comes after a police raid on the headquarters of the RFEF, where six people were detained and five more were placed under suspicion.

Rubiales is also facing other legal charges, such as those of sexual assault for allegedly kissing and coercing Hermoso.

He will go on trial for these crimes. He has denied any misconduct in response to these charges as well.

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