Junior Pope: Adanma Luke responds as online users criticize her for allegedly failing to assist the families of the deceased

Claims that Nollywood producer Adanma Luke abandoned the deceased have been refuted.

Junior Pope and four other people lost their life in his film.

She said on her Instagram page that she feels compelled to confront her detractors with a statement.

She was accused by online users of lying to the relatives of the deceased and leaving them.

Since JP and others passed away, Adanma Luke claims that she has been actively working with the relatives of the deceased to supply the money that the gravediggers have requested, as well as fuel for the police officers who are searching for the bodies.

According to her, the families of each crew member received the allotted sum, and some chose to bury their loved ones by the water since they felt that people who drowned should be buried near water.

She and her group also coordinated the ambulance’s journey from Asaba to Friday and Precious’ residences. Danma Luke made it clear that she is a human being and would not act callously on favor of the dead.

She wrote, among other things:

It has become necessary for me to make a statement because of the false allegations being made against me.

Since the tragic loss of Junior Pope, Abigail, Precious, Friday, and Olanti, my team and I have been actively collaborating with the families to provide necessary funds as requested, from the gravediggers to the divers and fuel for the police officers involved in the search for the bodies.

This also includes expenses for caskets, ambulances, and additional funds to cover other related ones.

Each crew member’s family received agreed amounts and some decided to have their loved ones buried by the waterside as they believe that those who die by drowning should be laid to rest near water.

This ritual involved invoking the spirit into a casket lined with a plantain leaf, which was then sent to the family for burial. I have video evidence of their agreement to these arrangements.

Additionally, my team and I arranged the departure of the ambulance from Asaba to the homes of Precious and Friday.

As a result of this, my team and I will be sharing details and video proof of everything that has happened since this tragedy.

In this time of a huge loss and mourning for these families, the allegations that I have not taken any action are complete lies. My team and I remain in communication with the police and members of the families who have lost their loved ones”.

“I’m human and can’t be that heartless to not do anything so they can rest in peace”.


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