Junior Pope: Alert actors about potentially lethal filming sites – Ernest Obi to movie producers

Actor Ernest Obi of Nollywood has advised his coworkers to prioritize their own safety during filming in order to prevent mishaps and to stay in touch with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

At the National Stadium in Lagos, the film director said this while presiding over a candlelit parade honoring his late colleague Junior Pope and others.

He lamented about the way film makers mistreated personal assistants and performers.

He cautioned them to report any dangers they encountered at work to their Chairman or President by phone.

Ernest Obi urged performers to speak up and take a stance against the producers’ mistreatment of crew people.

He mentioned that some producers give their workers N10,000 for a 15-day shift.

To quote him;

Take a stand, say No Sir. If you’re a member of the Guild, make a call immediately. Except your guild or president or Chairman is nonfunctional. Tell him that they want you to enter a forest and there are snakes there as you cannot and the Guild should swing into action immediately and not after.


“How much are PAs being paid? How can you employ someone to work for you for 10 or 15 days and you pay them N10k. That’s not just a sin but it’s a sin against God.”

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