Justin Bieber and Hailey expecting first child together after five years

The first child that Canadian pop artist and songwriter Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber are expecting together has been revealed.

On Thursday, the well-known pair revealed their relationship via an Instagram post.

Hailey and Justin exchanged romantic videos of their vow renewal, in which his wife looked stunning with a veil and a flowing white lace dress that flaunted her small baby belly.

Both start with a brief, amorous video clip of the couple cuddling, with captions that use their respective Instagram identities.

A spokeswoman for Hailey reportedly verified to The Associated Press that the model is little over six months pregnant.

Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion brand, stated in a news release that the film and photoshoot were taken during the Biebers’ Thursday vow renewal ceremony in Hawaii.

Following their engagement, Justin and Hailey were married in a courtroom ceremony in September 2018.

A bigger, more formal ceremony with family and friends was held in South Carolina after the first one.

While acknowledging that he would honor his wife’s desires, Justin stated in December 2020 that he hoped to have a large family with Hailey.

Actor Stephen Baldwin’s daughter, Hailey, is a top model. Rhode is a skincare line that Hailey founded.

In contrast, Justin rose to fame at the age of 13 thanks to his successes, which included “Baby,” “Love Me,” and “Yummy.”

Due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a disorder that can induce facial paralysis, Justin was forced to postpone the remaining dates of his Justice world tour last year.

The 2020 hit song Essence, which the Canadian singer suddenly performed on stage with Wizkid during Nigerian artist Tems’ show at Coachella last month, was accompanied by Wizkid.

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