Layi Wasabi shares how he began his career as a Skit maker

Isaac Olayiwola, better known by his stage name Layi Wasabi, is a young Nigerian comedian who has stated that, in contrast to his peers, he does not think it is necessary to use nudity to market his sketches.

Layi claims that using any kind of sexual content to attract viewers is not necessary given the nature of his comedy and his target audience.

In a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, the internet comedian made this claim and discussed the beginnings of his career as a video creator.

He clarified that he began it in Osogbo, Osun state, and then relocated to Lagos in order to broaden his audience and improve his chances of landing a job.

In his words…

Di kain skit wey I dey do no need naked women but I no go judge anybody. Comedy na wetin you fit do effortlessly.”


“Wen I bin start my content creation, I bin dey Osogbo and dey waka go Ibadan dat time too. Na wen di content creation really pick na im I move come Lagos to better di hustle.”


The video creator also gave a fascinating backstory about how his lawyer character, “Layi,” came to be.

He claimed that this story was inspired by his time as a NYSC participant at the Ministry of Justice in Ibadan.

He described how, throughout his service year, he became attracted by the appearance and mannerisms of some of the lawyers he met and how this led him to create the character.

Layi continued, saying:

“I notice say e get some kain lawyers wey really pick my interest. You go look dia shoe and dey wonder if na di kain same tin we study.”

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