Tems provided opportunities for female African artists worldwide – Tyla

Grammy-winning South African singer Tyla has given gratitude to Tems, her Nigerian counterpart, for helping young African female musicians get international recognition.

She really enjoyed working with Tems on her self-titled debut album, and she acknowledged that Tems is incredibly gifted.

Tyla recently talked in a UK interview with Kiss Fresh.

She stated;

Working with Tems is amazing. She is so talented. She is literally a force. I’m so honoured to have worked with her. She has opened so many doors for us [young African female artists].


“We made such a beautiful song with such a beautiful message. It is a song for the girls and it is made by the girls.”

Number 1 on Tyla’s self-titled debut album, which was released earlier this month, features Tems.

Speaking earlier about her collaboration with Tems on MTV Live, Tyla claimed that Tems provided her vocals and she told them to wait on just as she was ready to send the album to her record label.

In addition, Tyla referred to Tems as the “Queen” of African music and mentioned that she had spent nearly three years preparing her debut album.

I was about to submit the album then Tems sent her verse over and I was like wait, Tems just sent a song, I mean she’s the Queen,” Tyla said.


Following her enormous mainstream success in 2023 with her viral hit single “Water,” Tyla is releasing her debut album this year.

At the 66th Grammy Awards, she won a Grammy for Best African Song Performance thanks to the single. The top of the charts in 16 nations, including the US and the UK, was the 2023 hit song “Water.”

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