Mark Angel discusses how Davido handled a significant issue he had with Emmanuella.


Comic Mark Angel has shared a fascinating account of how artist Davido stepped in to resolve an urgent issue he was having with Emmanuella.

In a rare interview with Music Base Africa, Mark Angel described in graphic detail the outcry caused by Emmanuella’s choice of clothing, which swiftly propelled her to the epicenter of a social media tempest centered around the trending hashtag “She is 13.”

Remember how social media users made fun of 13-year-old comedienne and protégé Emanuella Samuel for some of her internet videos and outfit choices?

The comedian claims that after giving Emmanuella a hard time and telling her to stop dressing sexily, she disregarded his advice and kept dressing sensually.

Later on, Mark Angel said, Davido contacted Emmanuella to share his opinions about how important it was that she dress nicely and keep up her look.

He claimed that Emmanuella experienced a significant transformation and decided not to wear apparel that was visible, demonstrating the strength of Davido’s influence.

In closing, Mark Angel expressed his surprise and acknowledged that the very day following Davido’s call, Emmanuella had taken the drastic measure of burning all of her revealing clothing.


His words:

Davido helped me overcome a potential problem that already seemed inevitable. Emmanuelle is growing up and like every girl child, she has started making some personal decisions about her life that aren’t too easy to control. 

“There was a time she was under fire for putting on revealing outfits and posting on social media. I advised her to change her entire wardrobe but she was a bit adamant. 

“She continued doing things her way until Uncle Davido called us on a video call and advised Emmanuella on the importance of decency. Emmanuella quickly took the advice… probably because it came from her favorite artiste haha.

“She burnt most of her clothes the next day. I was surprised. Still thankful to Davido”



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