“I’ll become a crossdresser if Bobrisky is not arrested in one week,” VeryDarkMan says in a heated statement.


controversial person on social media More uproar has been sparked by VeryDarkMan’s audacious ultimatum regarding well-known transvestite Bobrisky.

VeryDarkMan, who had previously called for Bobrisky’s arrest due to his cross-dressing and suspected connections to influential politicians, was forced to concede to the law after officials made it clear that cross-dressing is not banned in Nigeria.

In retaliation, VeryDarkMan threatened to take drastic measures if Bobrisky escaped legal action in a video that he posted to Instagram. “If my petition against Bobrisky doesn’t result in his arrest within a week, I’ll take a bold stance,” he declared.

I’ll even dare to use the restrooms intended for women and experiment with cross-dressing.

In response to reports that the actress Tonto Dikeh was involved in his recent imprisonment, he vehemently denied any involvement on her behalf.

Rather, he restated that his arrest resulted from his vocal opposition to Bobrisky and claims of covert assistance from powerful government people.

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