“My daughter, four years old, is twerking at me.” – Justin Dean, Kora Obidi’s ex-husband, regrets

The ex-husband of Nigerian dancer and singer Korra Obidi, Justin Dean, recently made headlines on social media when he tweeted that he was disgusted by the attitude of their four-year-old daughter.

In his article, Dean expressed shock and worry about his daughter’s engagement in the sexually explicit dance form known as “twerking,” and he questioned whether it was appropriate given her age.

Additionally, he criticized the idea of “women supporting women,” contending that condoning such behavior does not safeguard the innocence of children.

His ex-wife, Korra Obidi, is undoubtedly well-known for her daring dancing style, which often draws criticism from online users.

The reason Dean expressed his displeasure with his daughter’s current behavior is that he believes the little girl is being influenced by her mother, which bothers him.

In his words:


“My 4 year old is twerking at me and thinks it’s cute. WTF. How is this women supporting women?

Protect the innocent for f&cks sakes


Reacting to the post…


@Joy Full Joy wrote: “What do u expect, you said you were helping Korra Obidi with her dance.”

@Keeping up with Phina wrote: “That’s why is always good for men/women to marry right for the seek of your future kids.”

@Jj Bags wrote: “What do u expect? You married her mom while she was twerking.”

@Temi Ashebu wrote: “Who cares, one thing about Korra Obidi is her consistency, she has been dancing in small outfits from the first day they met. He signed up for it, he encouraged her to start a social media profile to sing and dance. She made videos, danced every day and cooked in bras and panties. Twerking was never the issue but it’s an issue now because he is mad. Don’t complain about something that was never an issue before.”

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