My marriage can never Crash -Lizzy Gold

Lizzy Gold, a Nollywood actress, has stated unequivocally that whenever she marries, her marriage will not fail.

In a post on her Instagram account, she stated that she has never been married but hopes for a lifelong marriage, despite flaws.

Lizzy shared her opinion that working over flaws with her partner would ensure a successful marriage.

She ascribed her single status to a purposeful search for the best-suited spouse.

Lizzy expressed her desire to keep her marriage secret, emphasizing her reluctance to discussing personal topics on social media.

In her words:

I have never been married and when am ready, it will be till death do us part…nobody is perfect..if am faulty or he is faulty we will make the marriage work..reason I am single it’s because am taking my time to select study and get the best man.. The last mistake I will make is to bring my marriage to social media…”

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