I am quite disappointed in you – Tonto Dikeh smashes Peter Obi

Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood actress who is now a politician, has launched a stinging attack on Nigerian political figure Peter Obi for recently revealing shoddy borehole projects in several Northern states.

In a bold Instagram post, the acclaimed movie actress boldly questioned Obi’s commitment to taking Nigeria to the next level.

She expressed severe regret, underlining that the prospect of Nigeria almost putting its trust in him is upsetting.

The actress stressed that her statements were not intended as a joke, but rather to express genuine unhappiness and disbelief in Obi’s behavior.

Tonto Dikeh, now a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has urged Peter Obi and all Nigerians to join President Tinubu in promoting the country’s development.

In a passionate message, the actress highlighted that making progress requires joint devotion and participation from everyone, even important figures like as Peter Obi.

She shared a video with a combination of photographs of Peter Obi introducing the borehole projects and wrote:

His Excellency sir with all due respect @peterobigregory am deeply disappointed by this.The idea that Nigeria was almost entrusted to you, sir, is disheartening.

This isn’t trolling; I’m genuinely dissatisfied with your actions. I’m in disbelief. Were you truly committed to taking this country to the next level?

This situation highlights the need for all of us to join hands with Mr President @officialasiwajubat and actively contribute to the nation’s progress.

It’s not a task for one person alone; it requires the dedication of all.

YOUR EXCELLENCY, Mr. Obi, I am profoundly let down. Despite that, you remain one of my favorite politicians.

However, I believe in speaking the truth directly because I love you, but I love Nigeria even more”.

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