“My son is 17” AY Makun causes a stir on the occasion of his son’s 17th birthday.

Actor and comedian AY Makun, from Nigeria, stirred some controversy when rumors circulated that he was celebrating the 17th birthday of his “son.”

The comedian revealed on his Instagram page that his son turned 17 today in an unexpected revelation.

AY Makun hoped and prayed that his son would come closer to his dreams of a life full of adventure and warmth from love. He yearned to see him soon.

He penned, “My son is 17. May each day be a step closer to your dreams, filled with the warmth of love and the thrill of new adventures. Happy birthday, Denzel. Daddy loves you. See you soon”

With the knowledge that the well-known director is only known to have had two children with his wife, Mabel, internet users expressed disbelief at the abrupt turn of events.

There were those who speculated that the son in question was actually their nephew.

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See some reactions from fans;

@vickfa_200 said: “He has a Son?? Never heard that before”.

@melisamikky stated: “This 2024 una jst dy shock us”

@houseofcalmperry asked: “He said his son, him tell una say na him born am?? Na only who u born u fit call ur son??”


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