Uche Elendu: “Can you allow your rich, educated son to marry a single mother?” Anita Joseph and Nkechi Blessing responds “Yes”

In an effort to gain more fans and followers, the Nigerian actress Uche Elendu posted a very significant question on her Instagram page.

Uche Elendu asked them directly what they felt about young guys who are single and marry single mothers.

She asked if they would let their young, well-educated, and wealthy son to marry a single mother in their role as parents.

She went on to add that it was a very delicate matter and that she hoped people would remember that love is involved and that they should stand by their choice.

Uche Elendu asked;

“as a parent, would you support your son, who is young, rich, educated, never married, no child, to marry a single mother who is a divorcee with one or more kids?

Be sincere with your response, please.”

This is a very sensitive topic… remember LOVE is involved however defend your decision .”

It didn’t take Nkechi Blessing long to declare that she would agree to it if it would make her son happy.

She penned;“If it makes him happy, why not!.’


The actress Anita Joseph also took the time to share her opinions and give a candid reply in her comment area. She revealed that she didn’t care and that, if her son is happy, she would allow him to marry such a woman.

Anita Joseph said; “ To be sincere, Yea, why not, if it makes him happy, wetin concern me. Shallom.”

Here are Some other reactions from the post;

@Dan_ekwunife wrote: every single woman here commenting would definitely say yes, but of course, in reality, we all know they would say otherwise. Social media is not the best place to get real answers to this question.

@Abigail_rich stated: my answer is hell no. My son cannot marry a divorcee with a kid. I cannot allow my son to marry a single mother with a kid, not to talk of a divorcee.

@diamond_electrical_ penned: 99% will not accept this. Don’t mind their comments here. When reality hits them, you will see their reaction.”

@anointedHands remarked: yes, kids don’t discern that a woman is a bad woman, but sometimes it’s the scars left by the trauma and emotional damage. It’s a sign of strength rather than a sign of promiscuity.

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