Naira Abuse: Actor Seun Jimoh criticizes the EFCC for scapegoating celebrities.

Nigerian Actor Seun Jimoh attacks the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for attempting to stop naira abuse by using celebrities as scapegoats.

He posted a question on his Instagram page, asking if any human rights organizations, considering the naira’s rich cultural roots, have no interest in opposing the prosecution of the naira.

He feels that in an effort to draw attention to the EFCC’s mishandling of the naira, celebrities are being unjustly singled out.

His words…

So no civil rights group can challenge the prosecution of spraying Naira ? a long imbibed cultural norm, a practice that is as old as the country itself and has deeply rooted cultural imprints, I understand wanting to curb the transactional sale of Naira for Naira at parties, but to say people should stop spraying money at parties is almost at loggerheads heads with our deeply rich partying culture! There must be a way around it!”

“It looks like scapegoats are being selected to send a message to the general populace . but then , is it not unfair that certain people are being selected for a crime almost 70 % of Nigerians or more are guilty of with overwhelming video evidences all over the internet? ! Why isn’t anyone ever caught on video spraying money between the time the law has been in effect till now being arrested ?! Why celebrities? Celebrities and citizens too ! This scapegoat approach to cultural reforms is quite sinister and lacks any concern for the mental health of the Nigerian citizens.

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