Over the Queen-Lamba saga, Nkechi Blessing’s boyfriend Xxssive scolds Verydarkman, saying, “Shut up and leave people’s family matter.”

Xxssive, the lover of actress Nkechi Blessing, strongly chastises Verydarkman for interfering with the Queen Mercy and Lamba saga, bringing up his shady past.

As you may remember, Verydarkman took to the internet to voice his opinions about the whole situation surrounding Lamba and his baby mama Queen Mercy.

Verydarkman had criticized Queen Mercy’s husband David for raising a child born to someone else as his own. He went on to say that the couple may not be suitable parents for the child and that they are only looking for social media approval.

The social media critic had received a warning from Xxssive to keep his mouth shut and stay out of other people’s affairs.

He brought up the supposed incident in Verydarkman’s history where he got compensated by massaging the genitalia of other men when he was in need of money.

He pointed out that he had no business getting involved in the Queen Mercy and Lamba situation because it is family problem, so he should keep his mouth quiet.

Watch video below;

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