Sarz claims, “My sound was the standard for other Afrobeats producers.”

Well-renowned Afrobeats producer Sarz, also known as Osabuohien Osaretin, asserts that his sound has established the standard for other artists in the field.

He claims that artist Wizkid was the first to identify his sound and understand his goal at an early stage.

Speaking in a video message that was uploaded to his Instagram page, Sarz asserted that Wizkid and himself were the first to produce that genre of music, coining the term “Samba.”

He declared:

“I made a sound that became a benchmark for other Afrobeats producers to follow.

“I made a sound called ‘Samba.’ I remember no one was making anything like that at that time. I just wanted to do something that is African but at the same time the world in general understands. It was only Wizkid that saw the idea and knew exactly where I was coming from when I made Samba.”

Sarz asserts in a different tale that Burna Boy, Wizkid, and other Afrobeats musicians were influenced by Fela.

The well-known music producer believes that Fela’s significant influence on the genre cannot be emphasized.

He asserts that current Afrobeats singers like Wizkid, Burna Boy, Rema, and others, as well as future generations of musicians, are influenced by the late great singer.

According to Sarz, Fela created a musical environment that crossed boundaries and enabled a new generation of musicians to express their artistry through his unique combination of jazz, funk, and Afrobeat rhythms.

Sarz disclosed that he also incorporates beat samples from Fela’s compositions in a recent interview with ARZ.

He said:

“Recently, I listened to Fela’s catalog and I just find things I can sample or flip. Even in modern Afrobeats, you can tell his influence on a lot of us, from Burna Boy to Wizkid to Rema, and to the generation even coming. I’m sure they will still be inspired by the legend.”















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